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I am the Pump magazine (friends can call me Pumppi magazine), I am an online magazine. I like rollerblading, photography, summer, bad humour and good company. My goal is to come out at least four times a year, more or less regularly. I intend to please my friends, so all possible hinting of good stories is welcomed. I also mean to get a video gallery section where some old video projects of Finnish rollerblading crews would be available. I do not do any politics nor follow any one policy. I am not responsible for the truthfulness or correctness of my stories, not to mention the correct spelling.


It was the summer of 2005 and we were spending a quiet night at the cottage sauna with the boys when it suddenly struck us: we have to start publishing a magazine. As the steam filled the room, our brains were filled with even hotter ideas. Every now and then we were forced to cool ourselves down with beer but, in the end, sauna is the best place to be and so we added the heat... The group spirit was flying high above our heads in the ceiling, as were the grand images of the magazine produced by our imagination. Naturally we decided to toast to our newborn magazine, or actually, to the mere idea of it. In the morning, every single idea had disappeared from our heads without a trace. We checked under the sauna seats and inside the sauna oven just to discover that it was all for nothing. No one had even the slightest idea of the wehereabouts of our visions. Luckily, gradually the ideas started coming back to us and this time we were ready. We wrote them down so that they couldn’t run away again. When the autumn arrived, we started to put the magazine together. To our great amazement, we learnt that many of our notes had disappeared, again, but there was still enough material in our photo archives around which to build stories. During the past few weeks, the ideas for the pump magazine have slowly incubated in our minds. All we need to do now is some chewing and swallowing and the first issue will soon see the daylight. The morning paper came already, now I’m just waiting for pump...

-i "1.11.2005 klo 4.04"



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Juha Varis
Pekka Koivula
Iivo Itkonen
and our reporter Petteri a.k.a "Latino" Torssonen.


Juha Varis
Iivo Itkonen
Pekka Koivula


Juha Varis
Iivo Itkonen


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